To view and download all our templates for leaflets sizes and folding options, please download from the following link: bit.ly/G10MenuTemplates

File Types

We only accept print-ready artwork as either PDF or TIFFS files. Most mainstream graphics software (e.g. Adobe, Corel Draw, Quark Xpress) provide you with the facility to output and save your artwork in PDF format. Please avoid sending jpegs as they compress data resulting in a loss of quality when printing. If you have any doubts about what we require please contact us to discuss the options before you start your design. There are also numerous freeware and shareware programs that allow you to print to a PDF file from virtually any other program. These include AcroPDF and DeskPDF.


Artwork files and images that are to be used for commercial litho printing, must be created using CMYK (not RGB) for colours to print correctly. Please ensure that all colours used in the design of your print-ready artwork file are made up of CMYK values. All Black text should be 100% Black only. We do not provide Pantone or Spot Colour matching of any kind with our full colour printing service. Note; most Pantone colours have a CMYK equivalent.


Images for professional colour or grayscale printing need to be set at 300dpi to print clearly. Web images are generally 72dpi and RGB. These images are not suitable for use in commercial printing.

Fonts/Texts and Layers

Text should be set at a minimum of 5mm in from any page edge. All fonts/text must be converted to curves or paths, and all layers flattened, prior to creating your final print-ready PDF file.

Bleed Edges and Cutting

A bleed-edge is required to extend an image “off the paper”. Images that run to the edge of the finished printed item must run over by 3mm. For example, if you want the background of your leaflet to be completely black, you must set the background image to be 3mm larger on all sides than the finished size – i.e. a flat A4 leaflet is 297mm x 210mm. The printable page size will need to be 303mm x 216mm.

This is required to compensate for variations in the guillotining (cutting) process.


We do not accept responsibility for any inaccuracies in artwork. Whilst every effort will be made to inform you of any apparent errors, we will reproduce the artwork you provide without further proof-reading on our part.

Paper Size

Size Finished Cut Size (mm) With Bleed (mm)
A7 105 x 74 111 x 80
A6 148.5 x 105 154.5 x 111
DL 210 x 99 216 x 105
A5 210 x 148.5 216 x 154.5
2 x DL 210 x 198 216 x 204
A4 297 x 210 303 x 216
A4+ 420 x 200 426 x 212
A4 Long 420 x 148.5 426 x 154.5
6pp A5 445 x 210 451 x 216
A3 420 x 297 426 x 303
A3 Long 594 x 210 600 x 216
6pp A4 630 x 297 636 x 303

Size Finished Cut Size (mm) With Bleed (mm)
A2 594 x 420 600 x 426
A1 840 x 594 846 x 600
A0 1188 x 840 1194 x 846
B7 125 x 88 256×94
B6 176 x 125 182 x 131
B5 245 x 170 251 x 176
B4 340 x 245 346 x 251
B3 490 x 340 496 x 346
B2 680 x 490 686 x 496
B1 1000 x 700 1006 x 706
B0 1440 x 1020 1446 x 1026
Business Cards 85 x 55 91 x 61
Popup Banners 2150 x 850 150mm bleed bottom only