The Joy of Booklet Printing

In our last article we wrote about the joy of sending Christmas cards … and here we are, a month or so on, and with only just over a month to Christmas Day the Post Office are now sending out details on the last posting dates.  Scary!

Well, perhaps “the joy of booklet printing” isn’t quite the same kind of joy, but can (and certainly should) be an enjoyable experience IF the process you follow is straightforward, you have a good range of options (size, layout etc.), you get good value for money, the booklets you receive are exactly what you wanted, you get them in a timely manner, and you are DELIGHTED with the customer service that you receive!  Surely that’s not too much to ask for, is it?

What do I need to think about?

Well, let’s start with making sure we know exactly what we mean by a booklet, as printing can be a confusing business and many things that sound similar aren’t, and some that sound dissimilar are (e.g. booklets and pamphlets).

In printing parlance, a booklet is typically multi-sheet, and bound (using techniques such as stapling, saddle-stitching, Wire-O etc.)  Effectively, as the name implies, they are to all intents and purposes small books (and probably cheaper to produce) and although they wouldn’t be considered disposable (like a flyer advertising a specific promotion or event would be) they generally have an shelf life of several months.

We should point out that there are no “rights” or “wrongs” here, these are just definitions.  The important thing is, of course, that you get exactly what you want … and if we call it a booklet, pamphlet, brochure, catalogue, circular, or even a novella it doesn’t really matter.  Let the printer worry about all that!

So, in one sense, if the process is working well then you shouldn’t have to think about very much at all – you just type in a few things, click on some links … and your wonderful booklets arrive shortly afterwards.

That said, there are a few obvious things that you need to bear in mind:

  • do you have artwork, or would you like this sourcing for you?
  • what quality of paper do you want? (This is usually measured in “gsm”, being grams per square meter – the bigger the number, the heavier {and therefore higher quality} the paper)
  • what kind of finish (e.g. gloss or silk)?
  • do you want a proofing service, or are you confident that your design is perfect without the need for anyone else to check it?
  • as well, naturally, as how many do you want?

Your requirements may be straightforward enough to be ordered on-line without needing to speak to anyone.  Then again, they may not be – so once again consider if your printer has the flexibility and expertise (and inclination!) to handle bespoke and perhaps more complicated requirements.

So where should you buy your booklets from?

How about a printer that does everything we’ve mentioned in this article – and more! – does it all with a smile on their faces, and has a reputation for producing excellent products and outstanding customer service.  Here’s your checklist:

  • a flexible approach
  • a range of sizes
  • easy to order
  • quick to deliver
  • personalisation available
  • help with artwork and design if needed
  • value for money

And now that you’ve found us, click here for our home page; here for a link to our booklet printing page, and here if you want to contact us.  Alternatively call us on

0121 622 6959

 … and we’ll be pleased to delight you!

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